DIEP Focus session at Physics@Veldhoven

DIEP Focus session on Hydrodynamics at all length scales

Hydrodynamics is an emergent description of near-equilibrium thermodynamic systems and applicable to a wide range of phenomena, including heavy-ion collisions at particle accelerators, flows in strongly correlated quantum systems such as graphene or dynamics of microtubule-kinesin suspensions on droplets. Recently, hydrodynamics has undergone a fast-paced change revolutionising our perspective of it. This revolution is a consequence of key developments in the formulation of hydrodynamic theories, on flows on curved geometries, in numerical techniques for tackling turbulence, and in experimental methods for detecting electron flows. This focus session covers many of these developments, including the emergent field of viscous electronics and the role of complex fluids in industrial cosmetics. The session features world expert G. Falkovich, known for bridging quantum and soft matter, and talks by U. Gursoy, L. Giomi and F. Toschi on particle collisions, curved surfaces and turbulence.

22nd January 2020 | Physics@Veldhoven

Speakers: Gregory Falkovich, Federico Toschi, Luca Giomi, Umut Gursoy

Organizers and chairs: Jácome Armas and Jan de Boer (UvA)

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woensdag, januari 22, 2020
10:00 — 18:00 (8h)