‘t Hooft Conference 2019 From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond

On 11, 12 and 13 July another ‘t Hooft Conference will be held with the title “From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond”. Speakers include Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge) Elena Castellani (Florence) Sebastian De Haro (UvA) Dennis Dieks (Utrecht) Michael Duff (Imperial College) Peter Galison (Harvard) Ted Jacobson (Maryland) Renate Loll (Nijmegen) Klaas Landsman (Nijmegen) Juan Maldacena (IAS) Tim Maudlin (NYU) Laura Mersini (UNC) Malcolm Perry (university of Cambridge; tentative) Dean Rickles (Sydney) Carlo Rovelli (Marseille) Andrew Strominger (Harvard) Leonard Susskind (Stanford; participating by video conference) Jos Uffink (Minnesota) Jeroen van Dongen (UvA) Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg). Find the exact schedule here.

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There is a conference dinner on Saturday the 13th. Regular participants pay 50 euros for the conference dinner; students pay a reduced fee of 25 euros.

donderdag, juli 11, 2019
08:30 — 08:30 (24h)