NWA community day – preparing future collaborations

NWA community day – preparing future collaborations

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On 25 May the NWA Route Bouwstenen der Materie en Fundamenten van Ruimte en Tijd organizes a Community Event at Ottone in Utrecht. A special afternoon session allows participants to start building collaborations for NWO’s upcoming cross-disciplinary call in the National Research Agenda NWA. The call opens on May 22nd and for this year a total of 70ME will be available for the NWA routes, followed by 108ME in 2019 and 130ME in 2020.

The discussion in the afternoon, moderated by science journalist Martijn van Calmthout, will focus on identifying future research opportunities with new and broad coalitions around the gamechangers that feature strong collaboration with knowledge, industrial and societal partners.  Connections to  other NWA Routes or other knowledge agendas is also encouraged.

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In addition to the discussion on future collaborations with other research initiatives, the Community Event presents an overview of the existing Bouwstenen projects and a session on the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena DIEP.

Registration is free, lunch and final drinks are included. We look forward to welcoming you on May 25th.

Time, location and programme

Friday 25 May 2018, 10:00 – 18:00hrs
Ottone, Remonstrantse Kerk – Kromme Nieuwegracht 62 – Utrecht
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Goals and agenda

Participants to this one day kick-off event will share with each other the inspiringly interconnected research activities within NWA-Bouwstenen, learn more about the progress towards the Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena DIEP, and help prepare future collaborations with research, industrial and societal partners.

Morning session: the NWA-Bouwstenen Route

The Community Event’s morning programme opens with an overview of scientific and outreach goals within the consortium and gives an update on running projects.

Focus session DIEP – Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena

In the afternoon program, the focus is on one of the three Game Changers within NWA-Bouwstenen. This activity aims to establish a Dutch research community for emergent phenomena to found a Dutch Institute for Emergent Phenomena (DIEP). Two distinguished speakers and three highly enthousiastic pitchers will show us the wealth of research possibilities in the field of emergence.

Round table and discussion on future collaborations

Closing the Community Event’s formal programme is a spirited discussion on what connects the different research activities in NWA-Bouwstenen, and what future opportunities our strong programme offers us. Science journalist Martijn van Calmthout will moderate the discussion. This session will position us for the upcoming call for proposals by the Dutch National Research Agenda NWA, which will especially favor cross-collaboration between knowledge agendas such as with other NWA Routes and Topsector initiatives.


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