Outreach Call

Dear all,

In the startimpuls we reserved €100.000 for outreach to society and it is now possible to apply for an outreach call. All researchers related to the route Building blocks of matter and fundamentals of space and time, and science communicators collaborating with scientists related to the route, can apply. 

We aim to make this an easy application process with little paperwork and encourage small projects to apply. Existing projects are also eligible for funding. Funded projects should run between January 2020 and December 2020.

To apply for funding, send a document (in English or Dutch) to Maureen Voestermans, email: mvoester[at]nikhef.nl including:

* Your project description (including goals, target audience and how your plan connects to this route) in roughly 500 words.

* The composition of your project team.

* Your budget. In principle, all necessary costs (working hours, material costs, travel expenses, etc.) can be listed as budget.

We will assess applications using this tool, developed by the Rathenau Institute. A translation can be found here. Please pay extra attention to sections 1.1 (goals), 1.2 (target audience), 1.3 (efficiency), 2.1 (strategy), 2.2. (which scientists from the route will be involved in the project), 3.1 (diversity) and 3.3 (focus on process, people and interpretation).

Deadline for application: 31 december 2019. In January a five-headed jury will decide which plans will be granted. Any application that demands a budget > 25.000 euro will be invited for a pitch.

For any other questions also please contact mvoester[at]nikhef.nl

Good luck!